I'm a software developer and consultant based out of Brisbane, Australia. Previously, I was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at RateIt, a customer feedback platform used by millions of people in Australia and Southeast Asia, and I also did heavy data-crunching work applying neural networks to analyze mining site microseismic data at CSIRO.

I'm also a math enthusiast with an interest in databases. I recently created Mastery with SQL, a hands-on practical course for learning modern SQL with PostgreSQL.


I'm a full-stack web and mobile developer. On web, my preferred stack is Python, Django, Flask, JavaScript, React, and PostgreSQL. And on mobile I most enjoy working with Android (Java).


I've got a long background of working at startups or at larger companies on greenfield projects, taking product ideas from conception through design, development, and launch. Some highlights include:

I'm currently focused on building apps for Slack and Microsoft Teams.


My full details are available on LinkedIn. You can reach me at neil@masterywithdata.com and I'm also quite active on Twitter @neilwithdata.